Tradestar offers a helpdesk as an extra service to the customer. The helpdesk is a telephone support service that you can always reach during office hours and is a first troubleshooting option. The helpdesk provides support for windows installations / driver installations / hardware errors.

In addition to the fact that Tradestar does not outsource its telephone assistance to third parties, but rather has it handled by its own technical service, our helpdesk has no additional telephone costs; we help you from a regular landline. Many problems can be solved so quickly and efficiently without days going by or shipping costs involved. If the helpdesk cannot assist you, you can of course always return the products under the RMA agreements.

Fast, convenient and free of charge - help desk guarantee is included with almost all Tradestar products.The helpdesk service is available as long as the warranty on your product, but you can also call the helpdesk outside this period, they will advise you as well as possible.

The tasks of the helpdesk at Tradestar consist of:

  • Registering and answering telephone and email questions, problems and complaints from customers about Tradestar products and services supplied.
  • Technical inspection of return products, including the identification of the problem (s) that the customer has indicated or that they have identified themselves
  • Possible repair or solving of the technical problem
  • Repair request or problem consultation with supplier / manufacturer
  • Internal communication with colleagues from technical service or head of technical affairs and consultation with customers to solve the problem.
  • Have the product shipped to the supplier / manufacturer if the technical problem cannot be remedied by Tradestar.
  • Monitoring that the product returns or is exchanged and ensuring that the product is repaired or returned to the customer.
  • Tightening procedures regarding the installation and delivery of products and services to prevent technical problems
  • Consultation with account managers to consider when selling to avoid technical issues.


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