Product Quality


Most of our products are refurbished and the peripherals are mostly new.

What can you expect from a refurbished product

Our refurbished products are thoroughly tested and should not exhibit a single defect.
The products are cleaned both inside and outside.
The products are homogeneous i.e. when there are 1, 10 or 100 of ordered then you can expect the same product with the same external characteristics and technical specifications. This allows you to standardize your machine park and that eases your maintenance considerably.
We stand behind our product and that is why you get at least 1 or 2 years warranty (depending on the product).
A very competitive price.
Together with our parent company, we have a huge stock of refurbished products and therefore can also provide rapid orders and ensure uniformity.
Our refurbished products are maintained by our own staff and are not dependent on third parties (long and costly) repair.
We are able to provide in-expensive spare and upgrade parts.
All equipment sold by us must be able to work for years without problems

Seven misconceptions about refurbished

There are many misunderstandings about refurbished equipment which are partly caused by smaller 2nd hand computer stores with little or
no knowledge of computer equipment, whether or not in combination with a shadowy image. Here we put the most common misconceptions
one by one and explain how Tradestar contained herein.

Refurbished is old 2nd hand equipment

Refurbished itself says nothing about the age and nothing about the technical and economic life. Tradestar delivers refurbished devices from several months to 6.5 years old. Then the equipment will be phased out by us and goes towards recycling. How too  old the appliance is more defined by the origin (see point 2). The technical life of computer equipment if properly maintained
is for PCs and Workstations about 10 to 15 years. Economic life is obviously a different user.

Refurbished is 2nd hand devices that have stood for years to individuals and companies

The former is not possible for us, the 2nd is partially true. 90% of our equipment comes from lease and rental contracts and pools through the demo manufacturer to us. The lease contracts have generally a period of 3-5 years after which it is sold by us. The Huron contracts and demo pools can vary from several months to several years, after which we return the equipment back into the market.

Refurbished unreliable (and require much more maintenance)

Refurbished is no more or less unreliable as new equipment. On the other hand, it may have already been used for several years and therefore under ject to normal wear and & tear (light scratches etc.) on the other hand, all DOA (dead on arrivals) and major faults there
often taken out by the use of time.

The warranty on refurbished products is much shorter and worse as in newly

This is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions of refurbished. The reverse is the case on Amazon Computers. Are we at new products to guarantee depends on third parties that are often slow and bureaucratic proceed with refurbished products, we have all warranty into their own hands and therefore often much cheaper, faster and longer guarantee than new products.

Refurbished devices are too slow and out of time

Or too slow, it is a relative term. What is far too slow for the one can be for another quick right. Apart from this fact
Tradestar has the latest hi-end equipment that HP refurbished by the most demanding users such as national TV broadcasters used from Hilversum (Z800 / Z820 / Z620 / Z420 Workstation Blade and Proliant G6 / G7) and renowned companies from the aerospace and chip technology as well as high schools and universities from home and abroad.

Refurbished is not hip / modern

The idea that everything has to be new (what is purchased) is an idea behind achieved. Not only is this realization to the main part of the (secondary) schools in the Netherlands and Belgium also penetrated see individuals and companies increasingly involves both economic and / or environmental redanes the benefits of refurbished in. Delivery, consistency and uniformity are also frequently heard arguments for choosing refurbished.

Refurbished is mostly a collection of all sorts (B-) brands with dubious quality

This again has to do with origin (see point 2) than with refurbished. On Amazon, we are very strict uniformity and carry only the A-
brands such as HP, IBM, Dell, and to a lesser extent, SUN, HP-UX, Fujitsu Siemens, Cisco, etc. IT Companies / stores with inflows largely
consists of trade of equipment have here much anymore, on Amazon comes direct trade rare.