Tradestar Kenya Ltd was established in 2009, and was registered in Kenya on the 5th day of February 2010. 

Starting with just 4 employees working from their homes using internet connection, we have grown into a company capable of offering not only administrative services but also programming development, 3D & 2D Design, Agricultural products & service and most recent Audiovisual studio services. Our office is located in the centre of Thika town, less than an hour drive from the nation’s capital Nairobi  at Eco-BanK Plaza, Kilimambogo street, Room 25’.  In the year 2014, we started distribution and maintenance of high performance workstations and servers with our partner NTS.

Currently we have employed 22 people in the various fields listed above with another number working as interns in the same fields. 

Our Agriculture team is based at Bendor estate house number 44 and also at Longonot township. Agricultural Research and development is carried out at bendor estate while actualization for the researched plants is done at Longonot farm which is about 5.5 acres in total. We offer seedlings, plants, hydroponic materials, greenhouse materials as well as irrigation equipment at an affordable rate.

Mission, Vision & Goals


Provide affordable, quality  computer hardware and software solutions for individuals and organizations in Kenya while also serving the agriculture market with quality products and services from our agricultural team.


Provide a total ICT supply solution to companies in Kenya that are interested in computer hardware, software, design services and well as agricultural equipment, fresh produce and consultancy.

Who we like to serve

ICT Industry

Our target market for computer hardware and software includes; Government Departments, Academic institutions, Corporate Businesses, Small-Medium Businesses and individuals who run heavy programs on their home computers as well as those people would like to utilize administrative software for their jobs.

Agriculture industry

Our main target include flower farms, hydroponic farms, agricultural shops, Agrovets and as well as individual farmers both large and small scale.

Resources and Strengths

Led by a dynamic management team with a wide spectrum of experience, quality qualifications and years of international work experience, we team with you from start to finish of a project. We have professionals with graduate degrees & diplomas as part of our total staff.

Our technical support teams will provide on-site, quality customer support & will be committed in delivering total satisfaction to customers.

We currently design, develop and customize software for our internal use but we are also willing to sell the same to organizations and institutions of learning. Our long-term vision is to create cloud programs and carry out project management, implementation, training and support services.

Our professional staff is kept up-to-date with extensive overseas and local training on the latest technology advances and skills required.

Solution & Services  

Computer hardware Solution

Our company is dedicated to providing our customers with total computer solutions for business, industry, schools and individuals. Our company philosophy has always been to help our customers solve their problems and to provide them with service before and after every sale. Customer satisfaction has always been the guiding force of our company since it was founded.

We provide compressive computer services for all customers. We provide workstations, desktops and laptop computers from IBM Computers, Hewlett Packard Computer, Dell Computers, Toshiba Computers, Acer Computer & Leveno Computers. We have Seagate,Kingston, Maxtor MSI, Geforce and many other computer parts and accessories including hard drives, memory, computer motherboards and power supplies in our retail sales center.

Computer Software solution

We offer the following Microsoft software; Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019.