Seedlings production

We target smallholders farmers who have difficulty in seed germination so that we help them attain 95% seed germination.
It involves farmers bringing their own seed varieties or calling/emailing to ask the best seed variety to plant and it’s availability.
The customer can also be provided with seeds variety from our farm on request
The customers pay half of the production cost to facilitate an easy production process.

Why choose us for seed production

Experienced in efficiency seeds germination
Good quality seeds for germination
Affordable prices offered

The process

Contact us from official contacts given.
Make a request for available seedlings in terms of variety and quantity.
Present variety of seeds you wish to be germinated for you in our farms.

Get quotation of the germination process.
Make payments
Pick your seedlings after the agreed time expires or call in advance to make local transport arrangements to your farm.
Make a deposit for germination trays before carrying the seeds if you don't have your own trays.
Return our trays and get a refund on the deposit made earlier.