Farming training

We train farmers modern skills of farming,making greenhouses as well as installation of modern irrigation kits.
We offer on site public training,off site group training,onsite private group training and online video training.

Onsite public training

We conduct comprehensive farming training for individual or group sessions and are conducted at our farms.
We cover both in depth theory and practical approach where participants get a chance to interact with all elements of vegetables we do ,poultry and fish farming.

Offsite group training

This is aligned to the customers requirement.Customers seek our services to be conducted at the place or venue of their choice.the customers specify particular topics of their interest and they wish to be trained on. Customers will make all necessary arrangements to facilitate the training including  all logistics.
The customer will make an advance request via email or call to us with full details of the proposed date and venue and what they wish to be trained on and the number of expected participants.
The training should have at least 15 participants.

Onsite private group training

This is a training aligned to the customers requirement. In the training,the customer seeks our services in receiving training onsite at our farms. It covers any specific areas of interest for the customers and the training is designed to suit their preferences and needs as far as vegetables,fruits ,poultry and fish farming are concerned.
The minimum number should be 10 participants.

Online video training

The training module is of benefits to those particularly unable to attend the physical training.
The videos are prepared and presented in a simple step by step way to make it easy for everyone to grasp the concepts and ideas being discussed.
The videos contain visual representations of the subject matter. This ensures that the learner gets an illustrative demonstration of every aspect and minimises the need to seek physical demonstration.


This involves land preparation to marketing of the produce. Step by step on how training and manual and software copy steps are provided.
This training targets strawberry smallholder farmers
There is online learning for strawberry farming for smallholder farmers who can not make it to site for training.
The onsite training is limited to customer requests.



This involves land preparation to marketing of the produce. Step by step on how training and manual and software steps are provided.
The farmers visit the site or request online training for a specific time and limited to one day of training.