Drip Lines installation

We install automated drip irrigation systems for the smallholder farmers using  modern drip lines as well as LDPE and HDPE pipes and fittings.

What to expect 

Pre-site survey

We visit your farm(s) and assess the suitability of the type of drip lines you need.
Advise on mode of irrigation (Either by gravity or by use of gasoline/electric pump).
Take measurements of the area to be installed with drip lines.


We make and provide 2D and 3D designs on how to install the drip lines


We provide all materials upon making purchases from us and partial installation labour.


It’s done by one technician with help of 2 hired skilled casuals by the client.

Why choose us

We Provide durable and affordable drip lines.
We provide both low and high pressure drip lines.
We do help in the installation process.
High discount on bulk purchase.

The process 

Contact us from official contacts given.
Provide transport for a pre-site survey by our team.
Get feedback of the survey which includes designs and total bill of materials to be used.
Get quotations of the materials.
Make payments.