German Language


Are you 18 years and above, at home, in college or working and you would like to learn German quickly, with fun, in order to communicate confidently and you only have a couple of weeks? Then join us at Tradestar linguistics in Thika.

What to expect

Quality lessons that fit your linguistic needs (oral, written, audio and reading)
Quality Tutors who are qualified and experienced with language mastery
Quality time with the teacher of German because of small class sizes
Diversity and new class experiences due to new teaching and learning techniques that are learner centered and aimed at language production

Importance of learning German

German Companies are Global market leaders. Germany is home to a large number of economic global players including Siemens, Volkwagen and Lufthansa are globally recognised brands and corporations. There are also numerous German Companies and NGOs that are located not only in Kenya but also worldwide. Knowledge of German language will put you at a higher chance of being hired by them.

Connection to German culture which has a worldwide heritage. Some of the greatest inventions, melodies, and historical events were uncovered in Germany. Whether you think of the first Printer or the beginning of the protestant church or of your favorite melody in the success cards(Für Elise), they were made by Germans.

Tourism. If you are visiting Europe German is a language you should definitely consider, because it is the most widely spoken native language in Europe. Germans are also great tourists and you can definitely not miss some around your Kenyan town, including Thika!

Brain power. People who learn new languages have improved memory, problem solving skills, enhanced concentration , ability to multitask and better listening skills 

Gain a new perspective. As we study new languages and cultures we naturally draw comparisons. This sheds light to aspects of our own culture both positive and negative that we might have otherwise never considered.

Fun. Learn German because German is just fun to learn!

Why study with us 

Enjoyable learning experience.
Perfect location.
Affordable accommodation around .
Flexibility in time. Our classes are offered mainly in the evenings and weekends which makes it easy for anyone to attend.

Key To Our Success 

Small class sizes .
Lively and effective teaching.
Competent teachers .
Individual tutoring.
Regular assessments .

Our process

Step one: contact us at Tradestar linguistics through our official contacts given

What you will need to know:

  • The level you want to enrol for e.g A1(beginner), A2(elementary), B1(Intermediate)
  • The duration of the course, class time and cost
  • If you already have some German knowledge. Ask when you can do the Placement test (Einstufungstest)
  • The book you will be using if you need to prepare beforehand
  • If you have extra questions you can ask for the contact of the concerned tutor

Step two: Make payments

Depending on the level being enrolled for and the time to be taken during the course, the payments may vary. Make sure you get a clear picture of the course duration and the payment scheme.

Step three: Start learning

  • The classes are designed to help you comprehend and produce German language with lots enjoyable activities lined up for you
  • If your goal is to pass a certain exam or to master grammar or to master a certain topic in your level. Ask the tutor beforehand so they can advise you on the best way forward. 
  • Our student’s views count therefore in your classes you are allowed to make new suggestions that will enhance the language experience

Step four: Revision/Examination

This will happen regularly with the classes designed to interlink to each other and the class activities to   supplement each other such that there is enough emphasis on the topic being learnt. The exercises that you will be given resemble the expected exam exercises at the Goethe Institut. Because of this you will not only have a great advantage when doing the revision but also importantly at the exam.

Course levels

A1 –Beginner
A2 –Elementary
B1 – Lower intermediate and intermediate 


Exams are registered and done at the Goethe Institut Nairobi