Video server and video app

On-demand streaming services are one of those trends that have gone on to become a religion. Video content and streaming are mostly considered to be a powerful learning tool. If used properly, they can deliver vast benefits while improving brand. 

In regards to this, we are committed to making our product line mobile-accessible to learning institutions. In nutshell, we are bringing dedicated streaming channels to learning institutions to support the growing trend of accessing information on-the-go.

Core benefits 

Video as an Additive Enhancement to Analog Tools

  • Interactivity with content - improving learning experience
  • Faster knowledge transfer and memory – Mean for cognitive development
  • Keeping audience engaged
  • Delivering flexible virtual classroom
  • Attracting new customers while improving attendance of the existing ones
  • Brand building.

A single method of transmitting knowledge has never been efficient.  It is evident that any individual grouping of media may never be sufficient. This is why texts, oral presentation, recorded audio, slides, and other forms of media invite enhancement by video.

Video does not just add emphasis, however. It is becoming central to learning, a need felt not only by students who are growing up with rich digital technologies, but also increasingly by educators.

Because video combines many kinds of data (images, motion, sounds, text) in a complementary fashion, learning can be adjusted more easily than with other tools to the diverse learning styles of students. With video, the learner has more control over the information he receives by being able to stop, rewind, fast-forward, and replay content as many times as needed within their comfort.

Our solution not only consolidates visual texts and auditory stimuli into a single package.  We bring a possibility to bridge the gap between schools’ artificial environment and the outside world, bringing reality into the classroom.

Our solutions allow diversifying the conduct of these presentations and reduce the distance between students, educators and stakeholders. We offer a great way to host any form of educational presentation materials online.

Content Delivery 

Mobile phone 

  • Android OS
  • iOS

Web application
An interactive website where users can access dedicated contents

Mode of Streaming

Contents are captured using mp4 media container and encoded into streaming-ready formats H.264. The H.264 format is a relatively innovative format for streaming video compression, which is noteworthy for its high compression ratios over the acceptable image quality. These contents are made available to the viewer via HTTP and Representational State Transfer (RESTful API) calls.


Contents are stored safely with NTS Computers technology as light weight containers that allows streaming with minimal buffers

Hardware, Software and Frameworks 

Programming languages/

Framework stacks


Kotlin for Android, Swift for IOS


Javascript, Php



Data storage/management


Cloud platforms

NTS Computers

Streaming protocols

Apple HTTP Live Streaming

Media formats


Media containers


Media processing platform

NTS Video Server