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As the modern workplace continues to evolve, so too does the delicate art of project management. Because of this, businesses now are on the lookout for the most efficient and cost-effective tools, as they seek to streamline their workflow and get more out of doing less.

Our Project management software ticks all these boxes; allowing teams to get themselves organized and work effectively. Regardless of the business or the wider industry, it can be easily customised and tweaked to meet the requirements of any organisation.

Core benefits

Easier Collaboration

Many tasks overlap departmental and locational boundaries and sometimes it can be difficult for each team member to be aware of what is happening outside their immediate circle. 

Fortunately, our project management software negates this issue straight off the bat by providing  a scheduler userboard that allows team members to know what other team members are working on, and show progress. This service allows teams to collaborate seamlessly, avoiding any potential communication issues.

Better Scheduling

Keeping track of milestones in a project can be tricky, especially as every single team member needs to know what has to be completed and by when. 

To combat this, this software employs a clear and easy-to-use planning feature to manage project tasks which can then be constantly updated.

Delegate Tasks More Easily

For managers, it can be hugely time-consuming handing out tasks to individuals, especially on larger projects that incorporate other departments and locations. Instead of briefing each person one at a time, the task can instead be simply inserted into the project timeline and assigned to the relevant team members, along with thorough instructions.

This makes life easier for the whole team, who can simply check the software to see what they are supposed to be doing and when it needs to be done by – an effective and time-saving win for everyone.

Document Sharing and Access

One of the added benefits of having everything centralised in one place is the greater control users have over documents. Aside from the fact they can’t be lost or misplaced, the system also allows users to track any modifications or submissions, resulting in more accountability and transparency over who has changed what in a particular document. It is also practical, as team members can find documents easily without having to trawl through shared drives or ask for links.

Easily Integrate New Team Members

Bringing someone onto a project halfway through can be a daunting experience for both parties, as a wealth of information and context has to be explained and learnt in a very short space of time. With our easy-to-use tool software, any new additions to the team can clearly review the progress of the project from the start, as well as any direction changes along the way. This means they can slot into the team effortlessly, requiring minimal integration and being able to produce an effective contribution straight away.

Remote Working

Our software allows employees to effectively work remotely without becoming detached from the team. This is because project managers can be confident that tasks are still getting done without having to physically check, whereas users at home have every resource they need at their fingertips; all that is required is a reliable internet connection.

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