3D Design

Why you need 3d services

  • 3D design solutions give you the ability to check any flaw or issues and solve them before the actual product, building or even machine is created.
  • 3D design solutions cut down the design time of a product, building or machine significantly because it's interactive and mistakes can be identified quickly.
  • A rendering of your product or building can cut down the cost of hiring a professional photographer to take images for marketing or project approvals
  • A 3D design can clearly show the physical dimensions of the objects and its distance in relation with other the total layout
  • 3D renderings are realistic and life-like models to give you a compelling view of your product, building, office and so on

Target Customers

Target customers for 3d services are people or agencies who want to invest in projects like office buildings, residential or commercial buildings, or a product like soap, honey, shoe (and others) and are not sure how the office building or soap design will look like. The purpose is to offer images and/or videos renderings of them, Also to create advertisements materials for products that are already existing.

Our services are not limited to products/projects that are non-existent. Tradestar also works to improve existing products. 

Softwares Used

  • Autodesk 3Ds Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • margarAdobe Illustrator
  • Unreal Engine
  • Allegorithmic Substance Painter
  • Chaos Vray

How to contact us

Feel free to get in touch with  us with your inquiry with your company name,phone number , email and the location of your company if you would  like to  have our 3D services i.e 3D Product Design,Rendering Services,Animation of your products,Architectural Visualization for real estates,Game Art Creation and 3D Printing.We always open to discussing new projects,creative ideas and opportunities to be part of your vision.