Our Team



Abdallah Bosire

Abdallah Bosire is a French Language Teacher and Telemarketer at Tradestar Limited in Thika, where he maintains company relationships with French speaking clients. He is also responsible for teaching French classes and translation activities involving French as the source or target language.

Abdallah has a vast knowledge of French language, developed immediately after High school and also while pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in the University of Bejaia in Algeria. He has been able to communicate in French and interact with francophone since 2010, He was also a member of the francophone Community in Algeria.




Daniel Obilo

Daniel is from Nairobi, Kenya where he works as a web applications developer at Tradestar Kenya LTD. He has 6 years of experience with Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, PHP and Javascript programming languages, with a focus on APIs and microservices.


Kennan Obura

Kennan has  over 4 years of experience as a software engineer, and has worked at both private and government organizations. While he is a proficient full-stack developer, his expertise and passion is in building scalable backend services (API services & stream processing) and mobile applications.

He loves building things. While hard engineering problems are often intrinsically fun to tackle, he is most attracted to fundamental computer science literature with real world business justification.


Martin N. Moche

Martin is a Web Developer with over 5 Years experience with a great array of skills in web services, PHP, Javascript Frameworks and SQL database implementation and management.
I greatly believe in smart solutions which resonate professionalism and quality work in the field Of Web Development.

Alfred Githinji

As self-starter, highly driven, and a team player. Alfred Githinji has been a Software Engineer with 8+ years of industrial experience in software projects planning, design, development, methodologies, standards and controls, implementation and integration, quality assurance, deployment and optimization.
He has been lead developer skilled in PHP, Hibernate, software Testing Laravel, Java and Python.
Geoffrey Imbisi

Geoffrey  is a three years professional 3d game programmer working in Tradestar  Kenya. He has experience in Game and design development using unreal engines for visual programming(blueprints) and visual studio IDE for C++ programming. He is passionate in making efficient algorithms for code implementation. Over the three years, he has managed to make efficient unreal design programs which have acquired a variety of skills in both 3d games and

Winston K. Kipng'eno

A confident and reliable IT support engineer with over 5 years extensive practical experience of working with computers and resolving any support issues that are raised to the service desk.Microsoft Certified possessing a proven ability to administer and control the operation,configuration and maintenance of computer based information systems, as well as having an eye for detail and able to multitask under pressure. An excellent communicator, can relate well with people at all levels and has the flexibility of working well as part of a team and on my own.



Annah Wanjiku

Annah works in the administration department at Tradestar Kenya Ltd.  She interacts with persons from all branches and departments of the company as a Human Resource personnel and is also involved in the bookkeeping department.  Being in the company as an admin, she is involved in coordinating office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies, is the custodian of rules and regulations that pertain the operations of the company and interactions with other branches.  While involved in the bookkeeping department, she makes and balances company transactions like making periodic company payments payroll and including statutory payments.    She has trained in management, education, counselling, bookkeeping and has over 10 years of experience in the company.


Albert M. Karubiu

Experienced IT Sales Account Manager as well as debtor control in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in;
Strategic Sourcing and Management.
Computer hardware sales & account management
Debtors control
Pre-sales & Post-sales technical support (In-house, Onsite, Phone, remote, & email)
Oversee & assist with insite Server & PC builds
Partially oversee Warehousing & logistics.
Pre & Post-Production Hardware and Software compatibility testing for both customer-based and new technology integration.
Deployment server and base-image maintenance, updates, and upgrades.


John Njenga

CPA John Njenga, is a registered member of ICPAK (Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya). He holds the position of Finance Officer at Tradestar Kenya Ltd and all affiliate companies.
John is a passionate and very skilled Accounting professional with invaluable experience that spans 10 years in accounting, finance and auditing. In his tenure of work, he has been able to execute all the tasks assigned to him with a lot of proficiency and diligence. Notably, John has been involved in handling the operations in accounts and finance department to ensure its daily activities executed are timely and excellent.
He is well versed in areas including, but not limited to: IFRS, accounting policies and procedures, budgeting process, cash flows, taxes, statutory returns, auditing, assets management, and business process improvement. He is also skilled in building relationships and exceptional service follow up, managing debtors, office administration and communicating operational data to management.


Esther Muchara

Esther is a Financial Consultant with Accounting knowledge Background (CPAs) as a profession. She is an Accounting, Administration and Bookkeeping personnel at Tradestar Kenya Limited, Who also handles Procurement needs for NTS Computers with over 5 Years Experience.She can work with minimum supervision and has good communication,interpersonal, analytical, and time management skills and good in team work.


Esther Kariuki

Esther is a Certified professional accountant and logistics personnel at Tradestar Kenya handling bookkeeping, payroll activities, administration and monitoring, local and international logistics for both Tradestar and NTS an outsourcing company with Tradestar Kenya.
Esther has three years’ experience in both internal and external auditing which gave her a vast knowledge in many areas among performing monthly tax reviews and statutory filing, developing and performing control checks, analyzing company’s financial data, external staff appraisals and extraction of management reports and presenting to the management. As an accountant she worked with various accounting software’s among QuickBooks sage and pastel, posting data entries,  extracting account reports and performing reconciliations.


Jane Muthoni

Jane is a Marketer/Advertiser at Tradestar Limited in Thika. She deals with advertisements for both Tradestar and NTS for computer products available in stock.  In Marketing, she also communicates with local clients to buy Tradestar products  both in schools, companies and individuals. I make mailing for NTS.
Jane  communicate with clients both locally and abroad to ask them whether we can add them to our mailing list
Jane is also a professional counselor,  graduated in 2017.


Margaret Wathiga

Margaret works in the administration department of Tradestar Kenya Ltd.She is in charge of KPI,Marketing ,Research and Procurement with over 5 years of experience She holds a degree in  Bachelor of Commerce in Finance option from the Technical University of KenyaShe also has knowledge in quick books and other accounting solutions.
Margaret can work with minimum supervision and has good communication,interpersonal, analytical,and time management skills and good in team work.


Design and Photography


Gilbert Gesora

Gilbert is  a creative thinker, passionate designer, crazy illustrator, and enthusiastic Animator. He has over fours years of experience working in-house Graphic designer in Tradestar kenya limited
He has helped build brand identities and promotional material for small businesses as well as created well rounded illustrations, advertising campaigns and digital products for corporate companies and government projects.
He also has  a wide creative background, as he has been trained classically in visual art and design at Bugema School  before advancing my skills as a Fine artist and a Graphic Designer at Makerere University, participating in their coveted Studio Lab program and graduating with a Degree.
Since finishing his formal education he has honed my design skills with Ogilvy and mathers Ltd, an advertising Agency in Nairobi now Part of scan group,Creating promotional materials, ad packages and illustrations for clients such as Machakos County Government, KLB, SEKU, Longhorn Publishers and Tradestar Kenya Limited.
Find Gilbert on Creative Pool, Facebook and Behance to keep up with new work.


Granville Soy

Granville  is a Kenya-based professional CG artist with roughly 5years of experience who is specialized in the creation of highly-detailed CG art work. He loves art(digital art, traditional art, 3d or 2d, animation or music… and that passion has always motivated him to keep pushing the limits and to always be looking for more knowledge, improving himself as an artist. Over the years, he has managed to acquire an immense amount of experience in the advertising, architecture, gaming and the motion industry. He assists brands and clients in telling their story through inspiring visuals, innovative editing, and concise brand messaging, creating a balance between the client’s needs and what the project needs.
His main tools of execution are Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Unreal Engine 4, Substance Painter and After Effects

John M. Mungai

John is a  young creative videographer with 3 years experience in Tradestar filmmaking having worked with various production houses to achieve stunning videos ranging from motosport events coverage , Supreme court interviews, sporting events,music videos , awareness videos and many more.
Also working as a sales representative for Tradestar kenya ltd,and his hands-on experience , John is more than willing to tackle new projects and improve on old ones.


Eunice Osano

Eunice is a Graphic Designer and has worked for various private companies. Has vast knowledge in Adobe Indesign and worked on various publication for the Ministry of Tourism, Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB), Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE)
Has 5yrs experience working for Tradestar, working on updating/editing Tradestar Marketing material and also as sales personnel for NTS an outsourcing company with Tradestar Kenya



Nicholas Kyalo

Nicholas is a horticultural expert with 5 years’ experience in the field of agriculture, working with Tradestar Kenya Limited under the department of agriculture. He has worked with the team in making modern affordable wooden greenhouses, hydroponics farming, in drip installation, poultry farming, vegetable farming and training workers. Nicholas has worked in a private company in a flower industry.


Dennis Kimanthi

Dennis is an Agronomist with over 5 years’ experience as a Field Agronomist and Brand Ambassador at Greenlife Crop Protection Africa Ltd and as an Agronomist at Tradestar Kenya Ltd.He is a graduate with degree in Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Crop science Major).
In the field as Agronomist he has successfully worked on the following;Farmers training,Organic and chemical Crops production and protection in both greenhouse and outdoor crops production,Poultry production and maintenance,Greenhouse and other farm structures construction,Hydroponics production,Farm layout designing and planning,Drip installation and irrigation and  Research on crops production.


Christine Wairimu

Christine is an Agronomist in Tradestar Kenya Limited, specializing in Research. Has a background in Agriculture and Biotechnology. With 5+ years experience in research and having worked with a team, she has seen through successful pilot projects among them being ;manure and seaweed tea production, hydroponics plants and fodder, poultry farming, fish rearing. Also has experience in tissue culture having worked with Coffee Research Institute.