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Who I am
Gilbert is a creative designer at tradestar Kenya limited in TDS creative department I specialize in Branding, packaging, photography and much more, For the past 10years I’ve had a privilege to design artworks, built websites and from business ranging from startup to established.

Why we stick out
My goal is to provide value to my clients through creative technical talent. Ilove to see actual positive results from the work i have done. I am devoted to make sue the experience my clients have is pleasant all the matters to me to make impact through what I do best.

Your in safe hands
Creative, Consistency and efficiency in summary
TDS is a creative department in tradestar Kenya limited in thika offering a range of services from brand development, advertising services through video and print and much more. we provide content helps solve a problem or relieve a pain point, the more our audience trust our advice and have regard us expert in your field.
We help our client to share information with ease which is vital to any company through our eye catching, Info graphics and illustrations are a great way to summarize information that your audience would otherwise skim over (or skip reading completely). Humans are heavily influenced by visuals; adding relevant graphics to text can deepen our understanding and recollection of information.
We slay our competitor through our creative skills TDS Create content that approaches an idea, solves a problem, or relieves a paint point in an innovative way. We show our the audience what life would look and feel like with pain point x solved by your product, service, or advice.
We operate locally & internationally with a variety of clientele and offering a unique blend of creative marketing, advertisement and technical design talent.

My output their solution
Over the years I have served client around Kenya from corporate companies, parastatals, Government projects to startups and much more. I have a track record of delivering unsurpassed results.
I develop custom solution for each problem to ensure I deliver effective solutions.

Hit me up if you want to talk about your next project or need consultation on the contacts below.
T: 0726354988/0705868642, E: or
You can visit me at our offices Tradestar kenya limited (Ecobank building,1st  Floor Room 25)

Checkout some of my work at link below:


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