Demo Program

The demo program has been setup to research the Kenyan market on how we could serve our customers the best. Although our demo program only contains a fraction of our total product line, its main goal is to determine what kind of products and services our potential customers would require. Therefore feedback will be of great importance to our company.

The Demo program is intended for organizations who like to test the difference between ordinary PC’s and powerful workstations. For many, this difference is not clear and often workstations are just being seen as any other PC. To experience what you can do with workstations that cannot be done with a PC you will have to experience it for yourself.  Either by running speed-comparison tests but the best way is simply by using the software you would like to run for your educational courses or daily work.The kind of products/services we are currently investigating are:

What kind of products serves our customers’ needs the best?
What kind of volumes do our customer’s needs
What kind of peripherals do our customers require (TFT, Keyboard, Mouse etc.)
What kind of pricing do our customers needs

What kind of software do our customers require?
What kind of pre-installation do our customers require?

Technical services
What kind of maintenance do our customers require
What kind of pre- and aftersales services do our customers require
What kind of network installation do our customers likes to have

Logistical services
What kind of packaging do our customers require
What means of transportations do our customers require

Financial services
What kind financial plan do our customers require

What is the best way to promote our products
What is the best way to quote our products