Our refurbished pc(s),workstations and servers are both pre-fab or build to order.This means that you can choose a standard system ,create your own system on the basis of the basic configuration and extensions.Choose, check your desired ststem or server and decide whether additional components, an operating system(windows 7 or windows 8.1), language preference,a monitor,keyboard and mouse needs.Of course our account manager can help you determine your choice

Qoute you can use the following options:

1.Via Email
The easiest  way to request a quote is to send an email to If you include your customer number and state the produts you require ,a quote will be sent to your email address immediately.

2.By Phone
You can also request a quote by phone.You can call our direct sales line  0727974564 or call the direct number of the account manager from Tradestar Kenya Ltd you are dealing with.

3.Via Website
At the moment it is not possible to request a quote via the website  as our webiste is under construction.Our website is

4.Via Post Office
We prefer to receive quotes by email or phone.If you must send through physical mail please send to P.O. Box 1251-01000 Thika