Our products have a standard of 24 months for all computers and 12 months for peripherals complete warranty,meaning we will not only repair faulty parts but also replace the whole system incase of manufacturer defect on product.

The warranty is breached in situations where the client causes deliberate fault to product .This will include;

  •  Dropping and breaking products
  •  Power surges
  •  Short circuit cause by pouring liquid to the computer
  •  Installing software that may harm the computer

1 Year Warranty

The minimum guarantee of Tradestar is 1 year (with the exception of printer supplies).
For this period all defective parts will be replaced free of charge.
This warranty also applies during transportation of devices by Tradestar courier to and from your office.
This applies to systems, workstations, servers, and printers. For mission critical devices (switches, servers, etc.) we carry out direct replacement ensuring safety of the equipment, client comfort and saving the client on the cost of repairs.

2 years warranty

2-year warranty is standard with all High-End workstations and refurbished servers.
You can also get 2 years warranty by applying for an additional warranty pack, this will costs an extra 8% of the invoice price if the standard warranty is 1 year

3 years warranty

3 year warranty applies to many new products such as new PCs, workstations, TFTs and Servers.
You can also get a 3 years warranty by applying for an additional warranty pack, it will cost an additional 15% if the standard warranty is 1 year and 8% extra if the standard warranty is 2 years.