Why you need Design services

First impressions matter

Graphic design is important for any business wanting to make a positive, lasting impression. The first time a visitor interacts with your brand in any capacity will set the tone for the rest of your business relationship.
The first business graphic a prospect encounters may be a business card, a sales page on your website, an online ad, a flyer, your latest social media post, or even your product packaging.
Capitalize on the first step of the buyer’s journey by implementing relevant, updated graphics that tell the story of your brand. 

When a customer hears about your brand for the first time, they are most likely going to do some preliminary research on your website before making a purchase. What does your website homepage say about your brand? Are there bright, cheery colors with whimsical fonts? Or did you use sleek, professional design elements with gray and silver hues?

Consistency is credibility

Graphic design is important for any business wanting to create credibility in their industry or field. The more content you provide that helps solve a problem or relieve a pain point, the more the audience will trust your advice and start to regard you as an expert in your field.

To demonstrate this point, let’s say you’re walking in the park and see a basketball player sink a 3-point shot. It was a great shot, but would you assume he’s a great basketball player because he made one basket? Probably not; it could’ve been a lucky shot. If you had seen the same player sink 30 shots in a row, though, you might start to believe he’s actually a professional basketball player. Consistency creates credibility.

The same principle applies to marketing and branding; if you create a piece of content that helps someone solve a problem or relieve a pain point in their own life, they will most likely turn to you for advice again when facing a similar situation in the future.

Consistent content creation is the key to building a dedicated following of people who trust your brand and believe in your message.

Take a ‘tour’ of your business website and social media pages, updating any graphics that no longer accurately represent your brand or brand message.


Efficiency in summary

Graphic design is important for any business looking to share information with ease. Hubspot reports that infographics are actually liked and shared on social media 3x more than any other type of content.

Infographics and illustrations are a great way to summarize information that your audience would otherwise skim over (or skip reading completely). Humans are heavily influenced by visuals; adding relevant graphics to text can deepen our understanding and recollection of information.

Try incorporating infographics anywhere you currently use large blocks of text to explain information. Have a “how-to” page? Turn it into an easy-to-follow infographic. Posting an article about social media statistics on your blog? Add an infographic summarizing the important stats.

Creativity kills competition

Graphic design is important for any business looking to slay competition in the marketplace.
With all of the free online design tools available today, it has never been easier to create quality content. This low barrier to entry in the content creation world is a good thing for those looking to build a brand; it does, however, come with the lofty price of new competition.

To stay ahead of competitors in the marketplace, you’ve got to get creative.

Create content that approaches an idea, solves a problem, or relieves a paint point in an innovative way. Graphic design can be used to empathize with the audience by literally showing the audience what life would look and feel like with pain point x solved by your product, service, or advice.

Your message matters

Above all, graphic design is important for any business to tell their story. Whether you’re a solopreneur selling homemade jewelry on Etsy or part of a multi-million dollar e-commerce operation, your business has a story to tell.

Graphic design communicates more than just words to your audience. Even simple design elements like font choice and color scheme can help to portray an emotion or feeling that supports your message.

While the message of all the graphics in your business will differ slightly, they should all tell the same story about your brand. Having a branding guide in place will help you and your team choose design elements that tell the same story and keep the look of your brand consistent.


Our Process

Like every department within BPetersonDesign, our Graphic Design creations are strategically driven. All our designers do a large amount of research and studies before they begin the actual design of your requested graphics. Each design we create for a client has to fit a specific set of requirements, which is why we have the process we do in place to figure out what design will produce an effective output for your company. When you work with our Designers at Tradestar Kenya limited, here are some steps you may experience during our process.

Step :1  Briefing us on the Project

Briefing the project with our graphic designer will give us an idea on the scope of the project and the estimated deadline. This will give us an idea of the depth of research we need to do, brush up on who your business competitors are, who your target audience is, and the demographics you are reaching out to. This is all based on what kind of graphic design project you are hiring us for and will know what timeline we are working with. After you give us a brief overview of what you want to accomplish, we will email you a worksheet.

Step :2  Graphic Design Worksheet

Our Graphic Design Worksheet is a questionnaire so our designers can gather basic information such as a brief overview of your business, your goals for the requested product, who your target audience is and who your competitors are, and what kind of collateral you want us to design. You will also have the opportunity to supply us with suggested content. Once we have an understanding of the project we will be working on, we will then be able to give you a quote.


Step :3  Researching Your Company’s Ecosystem

Once we receive back your worksheet and you approve the quote, our designers will start their research. During this part of the process, our expert graphic designer will seek information on your competitors, point of differentiation (POD), trends, audience, market, and future prospects.

The purpose for this is our goal is to make you stand out, not blend in with the competition and steal a competitor’s idea. We want to differentiate your company from the other’s, and doing our research will ensure we don’t copy or make anything too similar. Once we have a better understanding of who your market is, we can begin to dig into your current and potential customers to understand who we are designing for.

Step :4  Sketching out Mockups & Building the Design

Our graphic designers are ready to start sketching out ideas now that we know who we are designing for. Depending on the product and the situation, our graphic designer may present different designs of sketches to know which direction you prefer to go. Once a design is approved, our graphic designer will start building the official design and will team up with our Content Creators to create text and write-ups for your product. If you supplied us with requested content to use, our Content Creators will incorporate that information within their write-ups. Working together as a team and utilizing everyone’s talents, we can assure our clients will receive a high performing product that will be attractive for your target audience.

Step :5  The Big Roll-Out

Time for the big presentation! This part of our process is an exciting one for both parties. Not only do we get to show off the design our team worked hard on, but to be able to have you see the finished product for the first time is always an exciting stage. Our graphic designer will present the design they came up with and will communicate why this caters to your business and its audience. Depending on the project, our graphic designer may show your product in a mock-up that is suitable and relevant to your company. A good example would be if you had us design your business logo, we may show your logo on a hat, side of a car, or on a building sign. If you had us create a Google Ad for your marketing campaign, we will show a mock-up of what the ad will look like in a browser.

Please give us a call or send us an email with your request. We are happy to talk to you hearing about your ideas and understanding your company's needs and to offer our services.

Target Customers

Target customers for 3d services are people or agencies who want to invest in projects like office buildings, residential or commercial buildings, or a product like soap, honey, shoe (and others) and are not sure how the office building or soap design will look like. The purpose is to offer images and/or videos renderings of them, Also to create advertisements materials for products that are already existing.

Our services are not limited to products/projects that are non-existent. Tradestar also works to improve existing products.

Softwares Used

  • Autodesk 3Ds Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • margarAdobe Illustrator
  • Unreal Engine
  • Allegorithmic Substance Painter
  • Chaos Vray

How to contact us

Feel free to get in touch with  us with your inquiry with your company name,phone number , email and the location of your company if you would  like to  have our 3D services i.e 3D Product Design,Rendering Services,Animation of your products,Architectural Visualization for real estates,Game Art Creation and 3D Printing.We always open to discussing new projects,creative ideas and opportunities to be part of your vision.