As a way of giving back to the society, Tradestar Kenya through Africa Initiative Foundation supports various projects within the community.
AIF is a non-profit organization in Kenya assisting women groups in development of sustainable projects that improve living conditions in communities.
Tradestar provides research, funding, expansion, monitoring, office assistance and advice to these projects.

The purpose of this projects are:
poverty eradication
creation of employment opportunities
provision of valuable commodities

Projects supported are:
1. Goldentop

Goldentop is involved in two projects mainly Chicken and oven projects.
Chicken project-In this project, the members involves them in rearing broilers and layers for meat and egg production respectfully. These products are sold to the local market.
Oven project-Here members produces cheap and economical ovens that are used for baking cakes. These cakes too are supplied to local market where consumers can get them at affordable prices.
2. Fairladies Self Help Group

This group runs water and donkey project. In this project, the group has established various water points set strategically at places where there is no/ insufficient water supply. They provide water to the locals at a small charge. The donkeys are used to transport water using wagons to areas where water cannot be supplied using underground pipes.
3. Gatundu Women Group
This group is based in Gatundu in Kiambu County. This project is involved in chicken rearing mainly for commercial purposes i.e. egg and meat production. These products are supplied to the nearby market in the city of Nairobi.
4. Kibera Rehabilitation centre

Theses serves as a home for the less fortunate children living among us usually orphans. The purpose of this project is to avail funds to the centre so that these children can have access to basic amenities such as food, shelter, clothing, education and enable them to live normal lives.
5. Kiaregi Bees Women Group
Kiaregi Bees Women Group was started by a group of women, most of who are low income earners, with an objective to improve their livelihoods, create employments, and reduce poverty and society welfare. The group was started as a merry go round by a group of women locals of  Ndunyu Chege, and were later registered as a Self Help Group.
Their main activities have been on empowering the society economically through activities such as bee keeping and supporting members to start dairy farming.
6. Waruku Youth Self-help Group
Waruku Youth Self-help Group was started by a group of young men, who are all unemployed; with an objective to improve their livelihoods and create employments and eradicate idleness among the youths.
Their main objectives are to promote savings among group members, Invest in income generating activities, empower the youths economically and nature talents by

For more information on our CSR program visit the following link http://initiativeafrica.co.ke