Company Profile

Tradestar Kenya Ltd was established in 2009, and was registered in Kenya on the 5th day of February year 2010. The company provides outsourcing services for ‘NTS Computers Technology BV’, based in the Netherlands. NTS is engaged in the fields of selling New & Refurbished computers, Servers, Computer parts & peripherals as well as information technology equipment.

Starting with just 4 employees working from their homes using internet connection, we have grown into a company capable of offering not only administrative services but also Software development & Graphic design. Our office is located in the city centre of Thika, just one hour away of the nation’s capital Nairobi in the bank building of ‘Eco-Bank’. Currently we employ 15 fulltime employees and 6 interns with an aim of expanding to throughout East Africa region. In the year 2014 we are planning to add distribution and maintenance of high performance workstations and servers with our partner and mother company NTS Computers Technology B.V. based in Holland.

As one of the premier authorized HP & IBM distributors for refurbished computer equipment in Europe, NTS has a unique foothold in the computer & server market. It is serving both the business, government and consumer market through different subsidiaries, both national and international.

Through vast volumes of refurbished high end computers which come from expired lease and renting contracts directly from OEM Manufacturers like HP and IBM, a continuous supply of high quality uniform systems are guaranteed. Bringing this technology to Kenya is one step forward in giving ICT solutions which are not possible with ordinary PC’s, such as 3D Modelling, Rendering, Publishing and other intensive CPU or GPU demanding software.


Become a leading ICT product and service delivery Company in Eastern Africa servicing the high-end refurbished and new computer market through outstanding product quality, maintenance and financial services.


Always listen to the people we serve and follow up everything we promise to do thus developing a long term relationships based on mutual trust.


Providing high end computer solutions for academic institutions, SME’s and big corporate organisation’s
Who we like to serve

Our target market includes Government Departments, academic institutions, Corporate Businesses, Small-Medium Businesses and individuals who run heavy programs on their home computers.